I unite people & ideas to create Aha! moments ✨

a. Who

I use the power of design to challenge status quo

a designer & strategist by the day,
an exploratory artist by the evening

b. What

Product Design

I lead the product design vertical at Sideways, a multi-disciplinary design agency in Mumbai, India

Brand Strategy

I do design research & strategy for brands across social, corporates and startup eco systems


I conduct sessions in design, design thinking, personal branding, improv & presentation skills through story telling


I run a community of artists across music, poetry, story telling, design, magic & more. we create meaningful escapades together


I design & perform my own magic tricks, I've performed at streets of Europe and events in India, like Pune Design Fest 2020


I explore music & free art in my free time, I sketch with both my hands & paint abstract realism on canvas, I teach it to friends over weekends

I love creative humans, and am always open for new engagements to co-create magic

c. Clients

«Working with Krishan in an international creative context became a deep and encouraging experience for me. His deep empathy, compassion and openness illustrated for me how much there is still to learn about how to work with others.»

Jan Koerbes

CEO Refunc.nl

d. Why?


To inspire creative humans

I do what I do to inspire people & brands to challenge status quo and imagine new realities for themselves so that the world becomes more magical for everyone to experience


To make work
feel like play

Design as a career ensures I play at work, and that work, is play. I enthuse the same energy in my colleagues, friends, juniors & students. I believe in the idea of giving first. I'm currently writing a book that captures design directions for creative people just starting education.


To use design

All of Design has the power to be Magical. The true purpose of words & visuals together with great form & function, is to leave the experiencer with aha moments to cherish. I love creating & curating human experiences that lead to wonder!

e. How?

By bringing researched creative human insights,
software tools & industrial processes together
to subsequently design products & strategies

Design Research
Talks + Events

f. Fresh from the Oven

Diicii - A 2 way dice

Blink. And the game changes. Every time DiiCii lights up in green or red, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Built with a twist on every roll, DiiCii will always keep you on the edge.

Learn More

g. Stuff

Street Magic in Rotterdam
Magic at Pune Design Festival
A Visit to the Silo House
From Drought to Prosperity
Creative Experiments with Equations
Hovering Piano
Redesigning a Fitness Circuit
A magical experiment
Understanding Fun in Play
An Astral piece to celebrate Creativity
Redesigning a Classic Game Engine

h. A note

I immerse myself in the joy and love of art, and let the waves engulf me into the ocean as I dive to find the inner mysteries. I believe that ships and boats, no matter how big, are just particles of dust on the ocean, and the most beautiful experience is to feel like a drop, knowing that we are the ocean ourselves.

I look forward to opportunities that let the creative juices in me flow, so magically that they consume me. I have decided to not sell myself as a label out here, but rather exist artistically to share what I have, being myself, on the island of Self Awareness and Discovery. If you are a fellow being looking for Aha moments through the creative process, we could align and share joyful rides together. The surfers don't think while they surf, they ride the waves, and are microseconds ahead of time itself. For they know, that being in the moment, is only possible when there's no moment to be cognisant about.

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